What is SWAN?

The Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) is a single public services network for the use of all public service organisations within Scotland. It is being delivered through a framework contract with Capita IT Enterprise Services.

More than 4,600 sites will be connected to the initial network including schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies and local council offices.

How to JOIN


  • High-capacity core network, covering 6 key nodes across Scotland
  • Wide range of access technologies as standard
  • Systems integrator approach ... most appropriate supplier
  • Security options - IL0 and IL2 initially
  • SWAN network operations centre in Scotland
  • Online service information portal
  • Bespoke and value added services available

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CONNECTIVITY Catalogue Overview

  • Bandwidths from 500k to 1Gb
  • Range of delivery technologies
  • ADSL2/ADSL2+/Bonded ADSL
  • Ethernet first mile
  • Asymmetric Ethernet first mile
  • Fibre-to-the-cabinet
  • Wireless
  • Fibre
  • Resilient options available
  • Performance characteristics and SLA based on technology

SHARED Services

(all available as standard)
  • Shared gateways
  • N3
  • Internet
  • Janet
  • PSN
  • Technical services
  • DNS hosting and resolution
  • NTP
  • Mail relay
  • Web filtering
  • Secure gateways
  • Remote access
  • Network monitoring
  • CPE management and support
Cat-2 500k 2.5M ADSL2
Cat-3 1M 5M ADSL2+/ Bonded ADSL
Cat-4 2M 10M FTTC/AEFM/ EFM/Fibre
Cat-5 2M 2M FFTC/EFM/Fibre
Cat-6 10M 10M FFTC/EFM/Fibre
Cat-7 50M 50M Fibre
Cat-8 100M 100M Fibre
Cat-9 500M 500M Fibre
Cat-11 4M 4M FFTC/EFM/Fibre
Cat-12 20M 20M FFTC/EFM/Fibre
Cat-13 30M 30M EFM/Fibre
Cat-14 8M 8M FFTC/EFM/Fibre
Cat-15 200M 200M Fibre
Cat-16 1G 1G Fibre
Cat-21 6M 6M FFTC/EFM/Fibre
Cat-22 12M 12M FFTC/EFM/Fibre
Cat-23 16M 16M FFTC/EFM/Fibre
Cat-1 ADSL ADSL Internet (ADSL2)
Cat-17 10M 10M Point-to-Point
Cat-18 100M 100M Point-to-Point
Cat-19 1G 1G Point-to-Point
Cat-10 - - Single user VPN
Cat-20 - - Site VPN

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