Our Vision

SWAN Digital Marketplace is an environment where suppliers and consumers within the public sector can come together.

SWAN Digital Marketplace is intended to provide a wide variety of offerings including as existing examples; Cloud Gateway services (to Azure and AWS), Analytics tools such as Tetration (provided as a service), a wide suite of Collaboration technologies, and broad portfolio of Security products to provide end-end security capabilities. In addition to full-end to end services, Digital Marketplace can be used to provide connectivity to member selected and sponsored services, which can be purchased by members outside of the contract terms. In these scenarios, SWAN will offer the connectivity service to interface to the point of handover to the service supplier.

As a consumer of a product or service offered within Digital Marketplace, customers can purchase with the knowledge that all the necessary procurement requirements have been met, technical valuation of the solution has been carried out and the offering complies with public sector requirements under SWAN; either end-to-end or through to the point of handover for services fully in scope for SWAN; or through to the point of handover for services enabled at members request for separate and complementary procurement.

From a supplier standpoint SWAN Digital Marketplace simplifies the ease with which business can be transacted with the public sector; providing a straightforward way to bring new services to market, ensuring compliance with public sector connectivity requirements and most significantly the ability to make any offering repeatable to multiple customers across SWAN.

For SME’s in particular this offers an opportunity to grow the business faster, increases their target market pan-public sector and reduces the cost of sale (and entry) for any given organisation to scale.

SWAN Digital Marketplace is the platform to bring new services to market, enabling the SWAN community to drive the digitisation of the public sector in Scotland at a faster and more economically attractive rate.

The network offers better connectivity, improved performance and faster speeds while delivering value for money for the Scottish taxpayer.
James Pocock, Chair of the SWAN Management Board

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