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Innovation Fund

Capita invests significant funding each year for the development of initiatives jointly agreed with the SWAN members.

Representatives from the SWAN members and Capita meet every two months to consider making investments in innovative services.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles for investment through the Innovation Fund are that initiatives:

  • Will be available contractually for SWAN
  • Benefit members
  • Enhance SWAN service
  • Reduce cost or risk
  • Will be visible beyond BAU contract
  • Can provide exemplar references
  • Play to Capita strengths

How to suggest an investment:

  1. The SWAN member completes the suggestion form by clicking on the Contact button below or by contacting the SWAN Authority/Capita team.
  2. The SWAN Authority/Capita team will acknowledge receipt of the submission and will arrange to discuss the proposal in more detail with the member.
  3. The SWAN member will be asked to complete the SWAN Innovation Fund funding request form (SWAN Authority/Capita will assist if required).
  4. The SWAN Authority will arrange for the funding request to be discussed at the SWAN Innovation Fund meeting (the SWAN member will be asked to attend to support their request).

Past Investments

Hutchison Tetration as a Service (TaaS) - Business case and Proof of Concept (PoC)

Successful PoC for a data centre analytics service funded.  Service development on-hold while demand is assessed.

Internet of Things (IoT) PoC

Pilots funded for legionella water temperature monitoring and water level monitoring.

IoT Infrastructure

Rollout of 50 IoT gateways funded.


Agreed to part fund a pilot of a health monitoring device if a SWAN member agreed to sponsor the project and match the investment.

5g Enablement of SWAN Report

Capita to produce a report identifying 5g opportunities for SWAN.

Suggest an investment

Suggestions from SWAN members for Innovation Fund investments are welcomed. Contact us via our form and one of the SWAN Authority team will be in touch to discuss your proposal.


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