We've provided some answers to a number of questions that you might have about SWAN.
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Do you have a roadmap for the availability of SWAN services?

There is a SWAN roadmap of additional value added services which is regularly updated and maintained for SWAN Members. This includes the SWAN Managed LAN Service which was launched in 2015. For more details please contact your SWAN Business Development Manager.


Does it cost anything to join SWAN?

Capita only charges for connectivity services but the SWAN Authority requires a membership fee and shared services charges to be paid by SWAN users.


How does SWAN keep offering value during the term of the contract?

SWAN works hard to really understand our member's needs and to provide the most cost effective and innovative options. We operate with vendor neutrality, only partnering with and then selecting the carriers which offer the best value. In addition, as the number of services managed and supplied via SWAN increase, discounts are given to all the members on rental charges and shared service charges.


How does SWAN's wide range of access technologies differ from what I can get elsewhere?

Many of them are similar such as DSL and fibre but by building out our regional networks and unbundling of exchanges SWAN users can make significant savings and access a wider range of technologies such as EFM and wireless.


How does the "data sharing" work in practice?

Each SWAN user has one of more VRFs within the SWAN MPLS network to segment their network traffic from other SWAN users. SWAN provides a shared VRF which all users can access, in simplistic terms this provides a private internet for SWAN users to share applications, services and data with other SWAN users.


How does the NGB rollout across Scotland fit with SWAN?

As soon as NGB is available from BT at a local exchange this will be available to SWAN users to order. 15. Alternatively as we continue to unbundle exchanges as part of the initial SWAN rollout, fast cost-effective connectivity may be available long before NGB is rolled out for many areas.


Is the SWAN infrastructure shared with anyone else?

No, SWAN is a dedicated infrastructure for public service organisation in Scotland and not shared with anyone other than other SWAN users.


You mention IL0 and IL2 on the website, would about IL3 and above?

IL3 is not currently delivered within SWAN but development of the service is already underway.