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The joining process

If your organisation is interested in becoming a full SWAN Member, there is a simple 7 stage process to join, with stage 1 being the initial enquiry.

Stage 01

Initial customer contact

If you are interested in joining, complete the contact form and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch to start the process.

Stage 02

1st meeting

At this stage we'll contact you and arrange to come and see you to discuss SWAN further. In this meeting we'll take you through SWAN in as much detail as you require, answering any initial questions you have on the network and the service. We will also explain what's involved in joining SWAN.

Stage 03

Commitment statement

We will issue a Commitment Statement at this stage which we ask you to sign and return to us. This commits you to engaging in the process, however it does not in any way oblige you to join SWAN.

Stage 04

2nd meeting

Following an initial receipt of your requirements, we will start working on producing an initial solution, associated pricing and business case. We will then look to present this to you in a meeting attended by representatives of both Capita and the SWAN Authority.

Stage 05

3rd meeting

Having refined the solution, costs and business case through feedback and discussion, we will present a final proposal for how SWAN can best meet your requirements. We will also progress your membership of SWAN, including the formal invitation to join. This can be direct membership in your own right, or as detailed in our membership pages, through a Hub.

Stage 06

Review customer-call off

At this stage the overall submission is reviewed by all parties including the existing SWAN members as part of the SWAN Management Board. This typically takes 2 to 4 weeks and allows for all necessary governance to be followed, including review of all contract documentation and required approvals, leading to acceptance as a candidate SWAN Call Off Customer.

Stage 07

Signing off

The final stage is the sign-off of the SWAN Membership Agreement and the Call Off Contract. Welcome to SWAN.

How to become a SWAN member

Contact our team to find out more about SWAN membership options and benefits.

SWAN is a very good collaboration partnership with a strong governance model in place, there is always a route to and an escalation point; with joined-up communication, collaboration and security in place it really does provide a good end-to-end service for its members.
Eileen Dargo, SWAN Service Manager, NHS NSS

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