A Scottish Approach to Collaboration

01 November 2019

By John Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder, Ajenta

A nation no matter the size, has the potential to grow only if it has the means to communicate and share data effectively, to share ideas and to work together on innovation. Efficient knowledge sharing is the key ingredient for a nation to gain global economic and human advantage by forging partnerships; guiding national strategy by strengthening operational efficiency.

So how does a nation work together to enable efficient growth across a multitude of disparate (sometimes competing) industries? By working collaboratively to fuel innovation.

One such partner who is promoting a unique approach to collaborative working is SWAN. ‘SWAN’ may simply be an internet connection to some but it’s providing so much more. It connects public services by improving the lines of communication, promoting collaboration across government, local authorities, hospitals, education departments, emergency services and across industry via innovation forums, roundtables, events and platforms.

Ajenta became a partner of SWAN earlier this year to enable easier access to the Vscene Video Collaboration platform. We’ve already connected a good amount of partners so far including The Scottish Government and a host of local authorities. By utilising SWAN we can ensure a secure, private connection for public services to communicate without having to use the public internet. As well as the obvious data security benefits, it allows our partners to benefit from the highest quality connection which ensures a consistently immersive, human experience from the mobile to the meeting room.

Vscene is an online community for education, research and public services and is used by thousands of institutions globally for the delivery of education and health as well as to collaborate on research, policy, justice and welfare. The Vscene service incorporates very well with the SWAN vision – to improve the lines of communication across a nation and to harness and develop home-grown innovation.


John Wilson is CEO and Co-Founder of Ajenta, a high growth tech company with headquarters in Leith, Edinburgh. 

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