Dundee City Council Joins SWAN for Better Collaboration

13 November 2019

Dundee City Council is the latest public sector organisation to utilise the SWAN framework as the organisation seeks to improve collaboration and communication integration, through the sharing of services across a secure public sector network.

One of 32 elected councils forming the Scottish Local Government, Dundee City Council is eager for the fourth-largest city in Scotland to become a Smart City, with the best possible connectivity in place.

SWAN can be a key enabler in the delivery of this ambition, already providing connectivity to 52 member organisations, with over 6,000 sites across Scotland, including 50 per cent of the local authorities and all 22 boards across NHSScotland.

The ability to communicate more easily with other public sector bodies, sharing services and better serving Scottish citizens as a result, was a key driver in the decision to utilise the SWAN framework."
Graeme Quinn, Senior Manager IT Infrastructure at Dundee City Council.

Quinn added, “Adopting a cloud strategy was the second main driver. Moving our legacy IT infrastructure over to cloud is one of our important mid to long term goals."

Once on board with SWAN, members also have the enhanced benefit of value-added services including voice solutions and video conferencing services. “This is an additional benefit of SWAN membership which we look forward to exploring further”, comments Quinn.

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