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Professional Services

As a SWAN member you can take advantage of professional services and predefined consultancy packages based on agreed day rates, as detailed in the SWAN contract. The consultancy disciplines also have between three and seven tiers to ensure the rate cards used are appropriately matched to the skillsets required to complete your requested tasks.

This consultancy work can be used to supplement your own internal teams and to assist with for instance new design and implementation projects. To make these services as easy as possible to use we don’t just provide Statement of Work responses to your project scope; we also offer a range of predefined Consultancy Service Packages.

By working closely with both the SWAN Authority and the SWAN Design Authority, we have managed to create some off the shelf packages to provide repeatable options available for all SWAN members. Examples of this include SWAN Roam, where we can work with members to enable their Wi-Fi Radius Servers, giving them and their users access to the option SWAN Roam Shared Service and Inbound IP addressing where we offer secure and controlled inbound access to members services hosted within SWAN.

Service Overview

Consultancy resources can include but are not limited to the following generic categories: • Strategy & Architecture • Business Change • Solution Development & Implementation • Service Management • Procurement & Management Support • Client Interface • Project Manager • Network Engineer

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Key Benefits

  • An easy to use option to supplement your internal teams with skilled resources from teams that understand your network requirements
  • Arranged and progressed through your normal SWAN Business Development and Service Delivery Teams
  • Work completed through the appropriate SWAN Governance
  • A library of off-the-shelf Consultancy Service Packages optimised to help you make the best of your SWAN investment
  • Access to 3rd party specialists, who we can manage on your behalf e.g. independent Pen testers to check cyber security performance

Next steps

For more information about the SWAN Professional Services and Consultancy Packages contact your account manager or email swan@capita.co.uk

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We get a very good technical service at a very attractive price, but SWAN also makes it much easier for our business to integrate and transfer data with fellow public sector bodies.
Pete Birrell, Head of Information Systems, SEPA

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