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Protected DNS

The SWAN Protected DNS service informs and supports UK government cyber incident response functions to manage the threat of cyber-attacks.

Service Overview

Following recommendations in the Scottish Government’s Public Sector Action Plan for Cyber Resilience, we work with partners from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Nominet UK to provide SWAN customers with a reliable DNS service that incorporates additional security benefits. The SWAN Protected DNS service protects SWAN users by not resolving any domain name requests for domains known to be used for cyber-crime purposes, such as malware distribution or operation.


Key Benefits

  • Secure – prevents public sector users from accessing domains known to be malicious, by simply not resolving them - this adds an additional layer of security on top of the existing SWAN web filtering service.
  • Available – the service remains effective through continual updates with knowledge of malicious domains.
  • Informed - the NCSC uses a range of government, commercial and community sources to ensure the service benefits from the best possible information.
  • Resilient – makes phishing attacks less effective.

Service Deliverable

The service provides SWAN customers with direct access through the SWAN network, to the NSCS developed resilient Protected DNS Service services which utilises data and knowledge from government, commercial and community sources to prevent public sector employees from visiting infected or malicious sites whilst using work systems.

Further details can be found at

The Protected DNS service is managed on behalf of all SWAN customers by the Capita Network Operations Centre. Dedicated accounts have been created with both telephone and email contact routes for service tickets and queries to be raised.

Next steps

For more information about the SWAN Protected DNS service contact your account manager or email


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