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Extend your reach with SWAN Value-Added Services

SWAN offers its members great opportunities to enhance and improve their citizen services, whilst also reducing costs.  SWAN members not only receive core connectivity, but also have access to, and are able to make use of an evolving portfolio of Value-Added Services that can enable new ways of working.

Our extensive portfolio of Voice, LAN, Wireless, Cloud and Collaboration Value-Added Services are available to all SWAN members.

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Cloud Exchange

The Cloud Exchange service provides SWAN customers with a high capacity and flexible highway to one or many leading cloud computer providers, such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure. 

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Managed Voice IP Services

Maximise your SWAN connectivity by including IP voice capability. This will enable you to move away from disparate, legacy voice networks and upgrade your voice as well as data services.

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Managed LAN

Extending beyond the core Wide Area Network (WAN) service, Capita can also deliver Local Area Network (LAN) services once you are connected.

Managed LAN
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Managed Wi-Fi

The SWAN Small Site Managed Wi-Fi service offers a repeatable, centrally-managed Wi-Fi solution which can be easily rolled out across several similar sites to provide a common solution.

Managed Wi-Fi Service
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Video Conferencing

The SWAN Video Conference service has been developed and introduced in partnership with Ajenta. The solution is ideally suited for public sector use in Scotland, having already achieved high levels of adoption, particularly in the school and Higher Education sectors.

Video Conference
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Secure File Transfer

The SWAN Secure File Transfer service offers an affordable and scalable solution for SWAN members to help reduce the risk of data loss and regulatory non-compliance with a fully-auditable and managed file transfer solution. 

Secure File Transfer
In 2018, an independent benchmark declared that SWAN provided members with good value both for prices and Service Level Agreements when compared with other similar contracts.
Roddy Cameron, SWAN Contract Manager, NHS NSS

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