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Cloud Exchange

The Cloud Exchange service provides SWAN customers with a high capacity and flexible highway to one or many leading cloud compute providers, such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

Service Overview

The SWAN Cloud Exchange service can minimise the risk and reduce the expenditure required to deliver and maintain a cloud connectivity solution to one or many cloud compute providers. It delivers a secure, agile and reliable cloud connectivity solution that will align to your organisation’s continually evolving cloud compute requirements.

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The Cloud Exchange portal simplifies the service orchestration process and management of network connections to one or many cloud providers, ensuring rapid service deployment

Cost Effective


Bandwidth that is easily scaled up or down to accommodate changing business needs



Private (secure) connection to cloud providers that bypass the Internet



Fully resilient geographical design and operational expertise reduces risks and enhances service availability levels

Service Deliverable

The service provides customers with a high-performance network connection to a comprehensive range of cloud service providers, such as Microsoft (Azure Express Route) and Google’s Cloud Platform.

Underpinned by a central Cloud Exchange service that reduces complexity and simplifies operational processes, the number of discreet connections and bandwidth is easily scaled to meet your specific cloud requirements.

Once connected to our core network, secure connectivity to one or many cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer, Oracle Cloud and many others, is provided through virtualised private connections that bypass the Internet, providing greater security and performance. Simplified provisioning and service orchestration is provided through a central Cloud Exchange portal, ensuring service provision and changes are performed both swiftly and efficiently.

Offering bandwidth options from 50Mbps through to 10Gbps, on which our utility pricing structure is based, enables customers to easily budget for future bandwidth upgrades in line with their increased consumption of cloud services. Bandwidth capacity can be utilised across one or many cloud provider services.

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