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Managed IP-PBX

The SWAN Managed IP-PBX service has been developed to support customers who have an existing IP-PBX or for those embarking on a transition to one, and with plans to use the SWAN SIP Trunk. The service caters for planned transitions, whether as single stage or in multiple phases to minimise disruption. The depth of the service offered can be tailored to your requirements and include all elements for design, delivery, deployment and support of new IP-PBX environments. In addition, it can include taking over managed support for existing legacy systems which are to be replaced during the phases of the transition, to ensure all steps are progressed in an effective and controlled manner.

Service Overview

This Value-Added Service can cover components including but not limited to IP-PBX, Contact Centre platforms, Multimedia/Omnichannel contact platforms, voice recording, Workforce Optimisation (WFO), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services, structured cabling, in-building fibre, IP and standard handsets, SIP gateways, telco circuits and gateways (e.g. legacy analogue and digital customer lines to be migrated to SWAN SIP Trunks). It can also cover active components including but not limited to management software, call analysis software, technical support services and staffing. The service includes the option to procure new equipment, as part of the overall SWAN Managed IP-PBX service. The service can range from an entry level of ‘break fix’ for organisations with their own management capabilities and systems, through to new design and deployment for green-field sites, with proactive monitoring and full management. As a system integrator we can provide managed support services for the majority of PBX and IP-PBX vendors operating in the UK and when appropriate we quote for system upgrades and new replacements in the same vendor-neutral manner.

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Service Deliverable

The service provides:

  • Flexible options for managing existing IP-PBX and PBX equipment, starting from break fix
  • Differentiated SLA approaches dependent on equipment criticality
  • Competitive quote options for new equipment (with benchmarked samples configurations available on request)
  • Professional service support to transition to IP Voice and all related activities such as end-user training
  • Reduced operational costs for voice services and support

Key Benefits

  • A complementary service to support transition to SIP enabled and Voice and collaboration environment when used alongside the SIP service and/or the Hosted IP-PBX service
  • Flexible and temporary professional services to enable transitions in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Obtain more value from your investment in the SWAN network by reducing the need for standalone voice services
  • Integrate other collaboration services
  • Use of the cost-effective SIP trunks
  • Ease of service and support - the SWAN service desk is responsible for both the Managed IP-PBX and the WAN
  • Full and local SWAN service and support teams, including Business Development Managers and Solution Architects

Next steps

For more information about the SWAN Managed IP-PBX service contact your account manager or email swan@capita.co.uk


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