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Managed LAN

The Managed LAN service provides SWAN customers with a range of flexible solutions. At an entry level it can start with Break/Fix, allowing you to easily move your existing estate maintenance into SWAN, through to a full managed service with all devices monitored and managed centrally, with many tailored options in between. Furthermore, the service can include; design, delivery, deployment and support of new LAN environments using either your preferred or our recommended vendor equipment.

Service Overview

The SWAN Managed LAN service can enhance your overall network experience by bringing your LAN into the same control and support as your WAN (SWAN). With the same Solution and Service Managers working on both, we can ensure the designs are complementary. This reduces both the risk of faults and the time to diagnose and clear any that do occur. The SWAN service desk becomes a single point of ownership to ensure correct allocation and smooth resolution.

Clyde Arc Bridge

Key Benefits

  • An easy to use procurement approach supported by the SWAN governance for ‘Good Value’
  • Supplied by an independent integrator with accreditation and relationships with a wide range of major vendors, with in house technical expertise to match
  • Ease of service and support, with the SWAN service desk responsible for both LAN and WAN
  • Full and local SWAN service and support teams, including business development managers and Solution Architects

Service Deliverable

The service provides customers with options to move on-site and hosted LAN devices into SWAN for service and support. It can be applied to existing LANs, and/or for the design, delivery, deployment and support of new LAN environments. The flexibility of this approach ensures that it can be tailored to your specific needs, covering legacy and new networks, as well as hybrid combinations.

The SWAN Managed LAN service can cover;

  • Passive components, including structured cabling, in-building fibre, node cabinets, patch panels.
  • Active components, including switches, wireless access points, device controllers, traffic shapers, load balancers, security appliances, UPS’s, network management software, technical support services and staffing.
  • Consultancy services to assist/supplement your teams in new design and implementation, including auditing and analysis work, development of requirements, vendor selection, planning and rollout.

The scope of the Managed LAN service includes the option to procure new equipment deployed as part of the overall service.

Next steps

For more information about the SWAN Managed LAN service contact your account manager or email swan@capita.co.uk


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