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Secure File Transfer

The SWAN Secure File Transfer service offers an affordable and scalable solution for SWAN members to help reduce the risk of data loss and regulatory non-compliance with a fully-auditable and managed file transfer solution. Customers can extend file transfer capabilities to all staff to eliminate unsecure use of email and quickly on-board partners and third-parties.

Secure File Transfer was identified as a priority service by SWAN members and after extensive evaluation it was concluded that the MOVEit Transfer solution provided by Progress (acquired through Progress’s recent takeover of Ipswitch) is a reliable and mature product already used successfully in the UK by Capita and other SWAN members.

MOVEit Transfer provides a cost-effective solution, with a per user model for up to 400 users and for larger solutions, an unlimited user option based on purchased transfer and storage capacity. This flexibility (along with alternative options to purchase a more bespoke solution if required), matched with the easy access functionality and management options, make it a compelling choice for organisations looking for a service they can tailor to their specific requirements and processes.

Service Overview

The SWAN Secure File Transfer service has been extensively tested by the SWAN Authority and the SWAN membership, with a Proof of Concept (PoC) using the solution carried out by members of the SWAN Design Authority in 2018. The PoC confirmed that the MOVEit Transfer solution is easy to configure and deploy, while being both feature rich and intuitive to use.

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A Flexible Solution

Key configuration and setup tasks can be performed as a fully managed service, or alternatively, there are options for members with suitable skills in-house to scale back and take more control of their service. Professional services support can also be extended to include assistance with designing how best to integrate the service into your current or preferred new business processes. This can be particularly useful for data security and information governance processes to support compliance with legislation such as GDPR, especially when linked to the auditing and reporting capabilities built in as standard. Key components available in the recommended configuration include:

  • MOVEit Transfer
  • MOVEit High Availability
  • MOVEit Transfer API
  • MOVEit Transfer Ad-Hoc & Outlook Plugin*
  • MOVEit Transfer Secure Folder Sharing

*Note the Outlook plugin has an optional licence charge

Further details on these components can be found here.

Key Features

Key features include:

  • Users can upload or download files into folders according to per-user or group-based access control as configured by administrators
  • Users can perform ad-hoc, person-to-person transfers, providing a secure way to quickly send large and/or confidential files to others who are not registered users on the service
  • File size rules are configurable by local administrators to suit requirements
  • Administrators have per-user and per-group control

The service provides reduced data risk by increasing visibility, control and security through:

  • End-to-end encryption, including storage encryption (data at rest)
  • Separate encryption keys for each organisation and each file
  • Full control over user access and permissions
  • Separation of administrator duties
  • Audit trail of all activities
  • Customer-configurable file retention policies
  • Optional Active Directory and Outlook / O365 email integration
  • Usage reports on bandwidth and storage

Key Benefits



Easy to use procurement approach supported by the SWAN governance for ‘Good Value’, with standard options for 1 or 3 years.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Simple and low-cost options available for smaller deployments (up to 400 users).

User Experience


Technical support for your internal teams including Professional Services where required. In addition, full and local SWAN service and support teams available, including Solution Architects. The SWAN Network Operations Centre also provides excellent customer service and support, acting as a single point of contact.

Service Deliverables

Service deliverables include (but are not limited to):

  • Consultancy support on defining and agreeing requirements
  • Recommending the best option for your organisation, based on the multi-tenant, high availability cloud platform (data centres in Amsterdam and Dublin) or alternative technical architectures (including on-premises)
  • Design and implementation of the initial deployment, including bulk uploading of users (Transfer API) and/or AD integration, where required.
  • Administrator and user training, in addition to setting up a service regime to align with your requirements

Next Steps

For more information about the SWAN Secure File Transfer Value-Added Service, please contact your account manager or email

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