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SIP Trunk

SWAN SIP Trunk service is an easy to add overlay option which can be enabled onto your existing SWAN Catalogue Services. SIP trunking is the leading industry solution for replacing traditional ISDN30 and PSTN telephone lines. This service can be used in conjunction with SWAN Hosted IP-PBX and SWAN Managed IP-PBX services to enable a smooth transition into a full IP Voice solution which will further enhance value from your SWAN network investment. The service can operate over the existing SWAN WAN, removing the primary need for a dedicated and separate Voice network.

The SWAN SIP Trunk service includes options for a fully itemised call tariff and for a prepaid bundle option. Details of the SWAN SIP Trunk tariffs are available on request.

Service Overview

The SWAN SIP Trunk service is both a commercial and operationally compelling option for users of the SWAN network. The network already supports Voice classes of service for SIP Voice: in the first instance it is simply a case of checking that suitable bandwidth is available to support your SIP Channel requirements. A guideline table is available to illustrate the amount of SIP Channels supportable on each of the SWAN catalogue. If you are happy with that, a Solution Architects can then be engaged to help with any further qualification, including any resilience considerations. SWAN has resilient core network gateway connectivity at a Carrier level into several of the major UK Carriers. On receipt of details of any number ranges you wish to ‘port in’ and the amount of SIP trunk lines required, we will respond with a quote to illustrate the potential return on investment. A further simplification in using SWAN SIP Trunks is that you can port numbers in from any UK geographic location. This removes the need for local lines, to support regional numbers and instead provides the same connectivity via IP Handsets to those same sites. Service and support are simplified with the SWAN Service Desk able to take ownership and to triage issues across the combined WAN and IP Voice services.

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Service Deliverable

The SWAN SIP Trunk service provides;

  • SIP Channels delivered to agreed endpoints on your network or other sites where equipment e.g. an IP-PBX hosted in a data centre or a cloud or a SWAN-hosted solution e.g. the SWAN Hosted IP-PBX Service
  • SIP call packages, either fully itemised with charges for all calls, or bundled where they include quotas of standard geographic and mobile call minutes at a fixed price
  • Number Porting - existing numbers can be transferred across on to your SWAN SIP Service. N.B there may be some industry-based charges and times to port may vary dependent on the original supplier of the range (this can be clarified in an initial quote)
  • New Numbers and DDI blocks
  • Resilient connectivity - for an existing resilient SWAN network and IP-PBX solution, the service can be configured to complement it

Key Benefits

  • An easy to use procurement approach supported by the SWAN governance for ‘Good Value’
  • Simple access to vary cost-effective Voice call tariffs
  • Technical support to work with your maintainer to help get the service configured and operational
  • Complementary SWAN Hosted IP-Voice and Managed IP-PBX services which can help you optimise your IP Voice strategy
  • Ease of service and support - the SWAN service desk is responsible for both the SIP trunks and the WAN
  • Full and local SWAN service and support teams, including Business Development Managers and Solution Architects

Next steps

For more information about the SWAN SIP Trunk service contact your account manager or email swan@capita.co.uk


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